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Small Business Marketing

Every small business is different. Your products and services, people and mostly, your customers. No two marketing strategies are are the same. 
Our team will design a plan to suit your business, we work with you to discover and target your ideal customers, delivering to them solutions that meet their needs. 
Some of our most popular services include;
Marketing Strategy
Social media marketing
Print marketing
Customer communication 

We take the stress out of reaching your customers, so you can focus on what you do best.  


Social Media Management

At Hike Marketing, we will work with you to develop a customised strategy for your business to maximise the performance and reach of your social media. We do this by understanding your business and your customers, tailoring the content to reach those that you want to target and increase engagement rates. 

Ultimately leading to more leads for your business. 

It is less about selling and more about educating and supporting your customers, giving them what they want and building their relationship with your brand to build loyal customers that will support and refer you to their peers. 

We develop the creative content for, post on and maintain your social media pages. We respond to all enquiries online and deliver the leads directly to you, meaning you don’t have to keep working on your social pages in your valuable down time. 

Social Media is always changing, Hike Marketing will help you navigate through the changes.

Social Media Coaching

Are you keen to run your own social media profiles, but don’t know where to start?

We can deliver one on one coaching to show you how to plan, design and implement your social media strategy. We will share with and train you in using free tools that will make it easier for you. Our focus will be on the key areas of delivering quality and engaging content to your customers, to improve your reach and leads. 


Website Creation

A website is there to educate your potential customer about your products or services. Each website needs to be focused at a specific customer type, delivering the information that they are looking for. Whether it is a store, services or information website, each has many different options in design. 

Our team will consult with you on your ideal customer, your brand identity and the style of site you would like and we build a customised site for you. We can also offer the service of training your team to make small amendments to your website as products or services change, allowing you to be flexible in your changing market without having to pay for an external contractor to change it for you. 

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